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Manufacturing Process

Our entire manufacturing process is completed in the most ecologically and socially responsible manner possible. Our farmers and factory workers are treated with dignity and respect, are of legal working age, paid a fair wage, and experience good working conditions. Ours is a truly “green” process involving every detail of the operation – from field to flooring.

StrandWoven Bamboo

Moso bamboo has a complex root structure that rapidly sends up another shoot after being cut. By replenishing quickly, Bamboo is one of the most useful and renewable products on Earth. Our Bamboo comes from managed plantations.

Bamboo stalks are meticulously monitored with a dating system, and harvested at peak maturity of between five and seven years. They are then cut into strip pieces and readied for the StrandWoven Process. Some of these strips are pressure heated, causing the sugars to caramelize into the rich brown hues found in our carbonized flooring products. These strips are then sorted and categorized by color. All of the strips are then dried in a computer-regulated kiln to achieve the specified moisture content.

StrandWoven Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus, like Bamboo, is considered a renewable resource, as plants regenerate rapidly in a ten year growth cycle after being harvested. Our Eucalyptus comes from managed plantations. Eucalyptus plantations are beneficial to local economic, environmental, and forestry sustainability.

StrandWoven Mosaic (Poplar)

Mosaic is derived from the Poplar wood scraps of the furniture industry. Pieces are cut into shapes during the manufacturing of furniture and the scraps are discarded. We take these scraps and fashion them into strips. These strips are then readied for the StrandWoven process. This flooring material promotes the pure definition of recycling.

StrandWoven Mulberry

Mulberry bushes are used worldwide in the production of silk. The leaves from these bushes are harvested and fed to silk worms. When the branches no longer produce leaves efficiently, they are trimmed away. We take these trimmed branches and using the StrandWoven Process, create beautiful flooring materials. These branches were previously burned or discarded into landfills, so we are truly recycling these materials by repurposing them into flooring.

StrandWoven Process

The StrandWoven Process begins by taking the material strips and soaking them in an adhesive solution before compressing them with high amounts of pressure to form the StrandWoven log.

At this stage, they are still rough looking. They are then milled into the desired plank size and profile format, while held to precise specifications. The planks then enter the finishing line where they receive up to 13 coats of highly durable finishes. The finish layers are infused with aluminum oxide, stain for select colors, and cured with UV lamps. When dry, they are sorted by color and grade and undergo further quality control inspection stations. Once approved as a premium grade-A flooring product, they are packaged in sealed cartons, and made ready for shipment.